Taking Hospitality to the Next Level

Downtown Hospitality Group is a group of Las Vegas Industry experts with deep restaurant, bar, lounge, and nightclub experience. DHG, based in Las Vegas, will take your business to the next level.

Delivering original concepts with world-class guest service

Downtown Hospitality Group excels in creating unique and innovative dining experiences, seamlessly blending culinary artistry with impeccable service. Our commitment to world-class guest service ensures that every visit is memorable, making us the premier choice for discerning patrons.

Our Team

At Downtown Hospitality Group, our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and exceptional experiences. With a passion for hospitality and a commitment to excellence, we ensure every guest feels welcomed and valued.




Chef Anthony ramirez


Anthony has over 14 years of food & beverage operations and menu development experience.  Worked for MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, Anthem Country Club, Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse and Clique Hospitality.

danielle geraci

marketing manager

For over 6 years, Danielle has marketed for some of the most well-known Companies in Las Vegas, Miami, Houston, Utah, and California. Currently handling Marketing at all DHG venues, she brings years of experience in the industry.